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Single Parents, College Students, Young Soldiers, Stay-at-Home Moms, Financially Challenged…

There’s a lot of talk going around about building wealth, but most of us just want to pay our bills without struggling.

Asking for a raise isn’t the answer. Raises only happens once a year. Then you have to deal with the limitations of company-defined pay schedule.

Winning the Lotto is a dream that seems like it’s never going to come true.

What most of us really need is a way to raise our income based on our actual efforts and doesn’t depend on how well we please the boss.

Welcome to Brilliant Bleue where your income depends on YOU!

Here you can increase your income by moving into your own business. Why?

If you read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, you’ll be introduced to the concept of the cash flow quadrant by author Robert Kiyosaki. There he shows you where the key to wealth really exists.

(see the chart below)

Robert Kyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant

E = Employee

People who work for others. As an employee, you will earn monthly income, no matter the company you work for earned a profit or not. But what if for any reason you could not work anymore? As an employee, there’s a Boss who takes control of you. Otherwise, how much maximum income can you earn?

B = Business Owner

You are the Boss. You are manifesting other people’s time, mind and energy to make money for you.

S = Self Employee

You are the Boss and employee as well. (Example: doctor, lawyer, actor) As a self-employee, you don’t have a Boss and no one to give you orders. You can work anytime you want. Your income depends on your working time. The longer you work, the more you earn. But what if for some reason, you couldn’t work anymore? Will you still get income?

I = Investor

Money works for you. If you had a lot of money, just put it in investments. Such as paper sheets like stocks and bonds or deposit accounts or property.

Welcome to the

Gateway to Pro$perity

Here at Brilliant Bleue, we help you make the leap into the powerful income growth quadrant of the Business Owner who earns income that is not only self-created, but multiplied by the work of others.

We give you access to tap into multiples streams of income through home-based businesses, lead generation systems and online business training to generate income even while you sleep!

Running your own business can be lonely, but we are here to help you every step of the way with effective training and caring support.

So move your life up the income ladder by clicking on one of business opportunities below.

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Business Opportunities

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Your first step to success. Earn income through Multiple Commission Generation

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The Financial Success Company where You earn income through a web-based financial strategies business system

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Experience "Life Shaking" Results by introducing a system developed to work inside and out, to help you look better and live healthier!

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Advertising, Promotion & Network Building. The tools, system and guidance help you to build the business of your dreams.

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Instagram Growth Strategies designed for extremely hassle-free Instagram growth. Watch video and then click "Free Ebook" at top of page.

Who is Brilliant Bleue

Meet Erika Richardson

Erika is a proven, compassionate leader with 15 years experience as a highly respected non-commissioned officer in the U.S. military while successfully building an online business.

Erika’s story is like a lot of ours. It is a story of struggle, frustration and determination to change her life:

“When I started this business it was an awesome leap of faith, eyes closed, no money to spare, all in. I was in serious debt, credit cards maxed out and taking weekly trips to the blood bank to donate my life essence in exchange for money. I had a hard time paying the mortgage on a house I bought prematurely. I sold everything but our beds, clothes and couch on Craigslist. To save money on electricity, we wore our winter gear inside and sometimes to bed to keep warm.

“I didn’t know where to begin and with all the possibilities presenting themselves to me. Network marketing was something I said I never try. But, I saw a friend posting on Facebook day in and day out. She seemed happy, reporting promotion progress almost every month and she was paying off debt like she was winning the lotto everyday. I watched until I couldn’t take any more. So I scrounged up the money to enroll, jumped on board and started to apply the training the company was giving me.

“I saw very little progress although my family and friends all supported me buying each and every thing I offered them. Frustration set in. I was on the verge of filing bankruptcy when I found the sales funnel offered by Easy Cash Code and I figured I had nothing else to lose. So I invested $18 for was business owners call a “funded proposal” and it took off.

“My mentor/upline, Ontarion Hawkins, coached me through a 10-day process which helped me start making $200 to $400 per week in residual income and it just kept going from there.

“I paid off a couple of bills, started reviving the drained college savings fund I started for my kids and re-invested some of the increasing residual income to invest in the 5 other home based businesses to make up the success I have today. I multiplied my cash flow, increased my tax breaks to bring yet another stream of income. I was able to employ my family members and help them get out of debt.”

Erika’s Mission is to change lives for the better. She is now dedicated to helping elevate the lives of single parents, stay-at-home mothers, college students, young soldiers and others who are struggling financially to generate passive income by launching a successful home-based business from the ground up.

If you think you’re ready to make the leap to change your life like Erika, then click on the EASY CASH CODE button above and begin your own journey to a life of joy and prosperity.

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